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- Shane Kidwell, Founder of dwell Mortgage
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Not only are you joining a team full of highly skilled teammates, dwell Mortgage offers the highest caliber technology and software, impeccably trained support staff, in-house advertising team, and more absolutely free to all of our loan officers! Check it all out below. 
Total Expert - Marketing Platform & CRM
Total Expert is designed to help you close more business in the digital age. The highlights include integration with existing applications (like SimpleNexus) to simplify your contact management, ability to communicate with your clients in their preferred medium, automated marketing and loan status communications, easily accessible digital and direct-mail content library, and more! 
MBS Highway Rate Advising & Consumer Facing Tool
MBS Highway Rate Advising & Consumer Facing Tool is the brainchild of renowned mortgage industry executive Barry Habib. MBS Highway offers exclusive information that mortgage professionals can rely on for ultimate relevance, speed, and precision.
dwell Mortgage Salesforce CRM
Our custom built Salesforce App is an online solution for customer relationship management, or CRM. It gives all your departments - including marketing, sales, commerce, and service - a shared view of your customers with on integrated CRM platform. All custom built by Salesforce to our exact specifications.
BombBomb - Video Email Platform
BombBomb is a video messaging service that is accessible from multiple platforms. Create a more memorable and personal experience for your clients by sending them custom videos in their email. 
Mortgage Coach - Rate Quoting & Consumer Facing Tool
Mortgage Coach is an app for buyers looking to make the right loan decisions. It integrates with Total Expert, Social Survey, and Optimal Blue to create a customized experience for your clients in a fraction of the time. 
SocialSurvey - Reputation Management
SocialSurvey is our custom built review website that integrates with Encompass and will automatically send surveys 24 hours after your clients close. SocialSurvey also integrates with most major social media platforms.
Simple Nexus - dwell Branded Mobile App
Simple Nexus solves the borrowers chief complaint while empowering your team to close more deals. Quickly determine if homeownership is an affordable option with the simple income calculator, compare lending scenarios and determine which mortgage product would be best, calculate savings or costs of refinancing, scan in required mortgage documents from your phone, and more!
Encompass Consumer Connect & LOS
Encompass saves the borrower time and confusion while streamlining and automating the process of originating and funding new mortgage loans and facilitating regulator compliance.
Ring Central VoIP Phone System
Top Rated Business VoIP Provider for 2019 with unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value in one solution that’s easy to set up and manage. With RingCentral, you get all-in-one at the fraction of the cost of separate providers.
Sales Boomerang Lead Trigger
The only automated Borrower Intelligence and Retention system in the mortgage lending industry. No such thing as a dead deal when you have this kind of intelligence.
Steadkey 24/7 Pre-App
Our automated pre-approval system for your agents that they can send to their clients to get a pre-approval 24/7/365 at their convenience and from their own home.
Shane Kidwell
Shane Kidwell is the founder of dwell Mortgage and oversees 4 branches and is always looking to add "just one more" humble, hungry, smart teammate. 

He was voted a nationwide Top 1% Mortgage Originator2016, 2017, and 2018, and is a business coach and featured speaker on several podcasts and live events. 

His standards come from his time as a firefighter. Work hard, always be honest, communicate early and set clear expectations. 

Shane is Co-Founder of Next Level Loan Officers, the country's leading coaching, training, and mastery platform for loan officers, branch managers, and mortgage professionals. 
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We are a team of amazing human beings who are the super heroes to the industry, clients, and partners. Those who push their boundaries daily with challenges, knowledge, and wisdom.  A team who focuses on exponential growth. Those who offer high class service with speed and a smiley face at the end. 

We not only work hard, we play hard.  We are way more than people who work together – we are family.
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